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What to do if the e-mail address is too long to login or signup 70mai app?
Sorry for the inconvenience. We recommend that you can replace with a new e-mail address, or you can sign up with your Facebook account.
Connect several same devices to 70mai app on one single cell phone. How to seperate the same devices on the app?
We don't have the way to separate the cams so far, but we have already added these requests to the improving list. We will try our best to push the R&D process for making this function to be available as early as possible.. Sorry for the inconvenience.
How to remove the 70mai watermark, and the time&date watermark?
The 70mai APP has the option to remove the 70mai watermark, but we don't have the option to remove the time&date watermark. As our dash cam support loop recording, the majority of the users need the date and time to check the exact recording time. That's the reason why we don't have option to erase the date&time.
What's the maximum SD storage do you support?
It depends on the resolution of the videos. And you can use a 128G memory card for solving this concern as well.
How to rescure my device as the SD card need to be formated all the time?
The memory card standard of our device request Class 10. And the memory card should be replaced after long term use. You can replace a new card to solve this problem. (32G SAMSUNG Memory Card will be enough). The reason why we recommend this card is that we didn't receive fault feedback about this card yet.
How to use all storage of my SD card?
The storage of SD card is occupied by both emergency videos and regular videos. The emergency videos will keep occupying the storage if you don’t clean the emergency videos.
The device cannot be used after inserting the SD card
Sorry for the inconvenience. 1. Could you please send a file, which is in your memory card, to us? As we need this file to find the root cause of this problem and solve your problem efficiently. Here is the guidance: Connect your Memory cards to your personal computer ----------- Find a folder which called RecStatus.log---------Open the folder and copy the file inside------Send the file to help@70mai.com. 2. If it is inconvenient for you to provide with us the above info, we recommend that you can replace with 32G (or above) SAMSUNG Memory Card to solve this problem. The reason why we recommend this card is that we didn't receive fault feedback about this card yet. Thanks you for your support and looking forward to hearing from you.
How to download the 70mai APP?
Here are two ways to download the app: 1. Scan the QR code on our official website https://www.70mai.com; 2. Search 70mai in Google play to find the app. Notice: the android system version should be 4.4 or above.
How to change the firmware from Chinese to English/Russian or other language?
Sorry for the inconvenience, but the English and Russian versions have many differences. The firmware change failure might lead to a dead Dash cam, and even after the firmware change is succeeded they can not receive the notifications which remind them to update their firmware. The reason of this problem is the mistake which was made by the seller. You need to contact the seller for getting a replacement. It's their duty to solve their mistakes and serve you. Please contact us if you have any problem, and we can help you if the seller
How to solve the IOS 13 WiFi connection problem?

Please upgrade your system if your iphone has wifi connection problem, this issue is caused by the IOS 13 system.

The IOS 13 WiFi connection can be resolved by following the instruction if the problem can not properly solved by upgrading IOS system:


How to download the recorded videos?
Here are the steps to download the videos: Step1: Connect your device to the 70mai app on your phone; Step2: Visit the gallery of your device; Step3: Pick the video and press the 'download' button; Step4: Select the downloaded video from 70mai album, and export it to the local album.
How to turn off the voice recording?
As so many users complain about recording conversations from them, we have an option to turn on&off the audio recording. You can connect your device to your 70mai APP and find this option to turn on the audio recording.
Do you have service office locally?
Sorry for the inconvenience, we don't have service office yet. But you can contact the seller for asking after-sales service, and it's their duty to serve you well.
How to play the videoes in PC?
You can use VLC and MPC players to play the videos .
How to remove the electrostatic sticker?
Please follow the instruction below to remove and reinstall your device. 1.Plug off your dash cam pro from GPS module 2. Remove the GPS module from the edge of the sticker, please make sure the sticker is not stained. 3. Adhere your GPS module to your car and plug in your Dash cam.
How to purchase a new electrostatic sticker?
We have another sticker for you, did you find the second sticker in your original package? You can use another one to adhere your device to front window. The electrostatic sticker doesn't on sale currently due to the international transportation channel. Sorry for the inconvenience.
How to start business cooperation with 70mai?
We are glad to hear that you are interested in becoming the distributor of us, you can contact us via globalmarketing@70mai.com or globalsales@70mai.com for starting business communication.