70MAI Hardwire Kit UP02

70mai Hardwire Kit UP02
70mai Hardwire Kit UP02

The 70mai Hardwire Kit UP02 Power Supply Adapter is an accessory which upgrades the 70mai Dash Cam M500 with the 24/7 Parking Surveillance or the possibility of using power from the car battery

70mai Hardwire Kit UP02

The Hardwire Kit UP02 power supply adapter is required to make use of the Parking Surveillance mode in the following video cameras: A800 4K Dash Cam, A500 Dash Cam Pro Plus, Rearview Dash Cam Wide D07. With other dash cams, the adapter allows you to use power from the car battery. With devices like Dash Cam Pro D02, Mini Dash Cam D05 and Dash Cam Lite D08, the adapter serves as backup, i.e. when the device battery is low, the Hardwire Kit UP02 will use the car battery to record in parking surveillance mode. As for the Smart Dash Cam 1S D06, the adapter can only be used to maintain the date and time settings.

Keep your dash cam powered even after the car engine is turned off. The device allows the camera to use the car battery to record events when the vehicle is parked. What is more, the Hardwire Kit UP02 monitors the car battery voltage to ensure it is high enough to start the engine. That way the use of the Parking Surveillance will never stand in the way of starting the engine. The add-on device is fitted with ACC, VCC+ and GND- wires to connect to the vehicle system and a micro-USB terminal to connect to the 70mai Dash Cam M500.

70mai Hardwire Kit UP02
70mai Hardwire Kit UP02
Input Voltage
DC 12-30 V
Output Voltage
5 V
Output Current
2,4 A
Cable Length
3 m
Low battery Voltage Protection
for small vehicles -11.4 V; for large vehicles – 22.8 V
Package content
  • 70mai Hardwire Kit Type-C UP02
  • User Manual
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