70MAI External TPMS Sensor T04

70MAI External TPMS Sensor T04 do kamery 70mai Dash Cam M500
70MAI External TPMS Sensor T04 do kamery 70mai Dash Cam M500

Tire pressure sensors for 70mai Dash Cam M500

  • Monitoring tire pressure with voice alert
  • App control
  • Real-time accurate feedback
  • Bluetooth

70mai External TPMS Sensor T04

Monitoring Tire Pressure with Voice Alert

70mai products are an excellent combination of superior quality components with unique design. Their versatility and durability will satisfy even the most demanding users. The 70MAI Dash Cam M500 issues voice alerts when the sensors detect abnormal tire pressure, which allows you to act in advance and prevent road hazards. Tire pressure and temperature data can easily be accessed via the 70mai App whenever you need them. The M500 dash cam receives direct Bluetooth signals from TPMS sensors and does not require a receiver. The minimal number of accessories helps you keep the car interior in order. Each TPMS sensor weighs only 13g and does not affect the dynamic balance of your vehicle. They can be easily mounted on tires by means of a small wrench included in the set.

*Tire Pressure Sensors work only with 70mai M500 Dash Cam

Accurate information in real time. Thanks to its use of Bluetooth signals, the sensor’s chip is resistant to interference caused by other wireless devices, so the tire pressure and temperature data can be updated in real time smoothly and precisely. The class 6K6K dust and water resistance means the TPMS T04 sensors are immune to jets of water from fast spinning car wheels on a rainy day. The sensor batteries can operate in temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 80°C (176° F) and easily last for almost 2 years of usage, which spares you the hassle of replacing damaged or flat batteries.


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