70MAI A200

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70MAI A200
70MAI A200

The 70mai A200 car camera :

  • Full HD 1080P resolution
  • Excellent night-time recording quality (70mai Night Owl Vision)
  • 2″ IPS display
  • 60FPS recording
  • HDR technology
  • 130° viewing angle
  • 24h parking mode
  • Time-lapse recording
  • Control from a mobile app
  • Compatible with RC11 rear camera
70MAI A200

The 70mai A200 car camera is an upgraded version of the Lite 2. It offers 60 frames per second recording and uses advanced HDR technology to ensure excellent recording quality both during the day and on night journeys.

70MAI A200
70MAI A200

High-quality picture

Full HD 1080p resolution makes it possible to capture key details of the surroundings such as road signs and number plates on the recording with exceptional clarity. In addition, 60FPS recording ensures smooth images full of detail even during fast driving or difficult conditions.

The 130° angle of view covers at least 3 lanes of traffic, so no event will be missed or overlooked.

High-quality recordings even in low light

An F2.0 aperture and high dynamic range (HDR) ensure that key details such as number plates or road signs are captured in low-light conditions.

Supported by the MaiColorVivid+ Solution™ algorithm, HDR ensures smoother transitions and improves the visibility of important elements of the footage especially in challenging conditions such as poorly lit tunnels and high contrast environments.

70mai Night Owl Vision™

70mai Night Owl Vision™ is another unique technology that provides clearer night vision with less noise, balanced exposure and better glare control.

MaiColor Vivid+ Solution

The 70mai brand’s MaiColor Vivid+ Solution image processing solution allows the A200 camera to capture well-lit and colour accurate footage.

Auto Exposure – the brightness of a key area of footage is automatically adjusted to produce a balanced and natural-looking image, similar to that seen by the human eye.

The selective image processing function allows the car camera to efficiently identify and enhance important elements of the recording, such as number plates and road signs. At the same time, it reduces the visibility of unnecessary surrounding objects, such as trees by the side of the road. This makes it easier for the 70mai A200 car camera to analyse and record important details on the road.

Windscreen colour and transparency compensation – This function minimises polarisation and light reflections that compensate for the colour and transparency of the windscreen, leading to a higher level of realism in the output image. As a result, the car camera is able to capture images with greater accuracy, eliminating interference from windshield reflections and other unwanted effects.

Emergency recording

The built-in G-sensor is able to detect sudden bumps or collisions, while driving and when your car is at a standstill (parking mode), and automatically start recording to capture possible events. If an emergency recording is made, the A200 camera will notify you with a voice message when it restarts.

To use the parking mode it is necessary to connect the 70mai Hardwire Kit UP02 power module, which is sold separately.

Time-lapse recording function

With the time-lapse function, the camera compresses each 30 minutes of footage into a 1 minute time-lapse movie to save space on the memory card and enable faster video playback and to find key moments.

Control via dedicated app

With the dedicated 70mai app in Polish, you will be able to manage recording time, video resolution, G-sensor sensitivity and other parameters.

Connect to the A200 DVR’s built-in Wi-Fi to access, view and download video footage.

70MAI A200
70MAI A200
Display Screen
2.0" IPS
Recording resolution
Field of View (FOV)
Galaxycore GC2093
Battery Capacity
500 mAh
Memory Card Slot
microSD, 32-128 GB
Parking mode "G-sensor"
Yes (Requires use of Hardwire Kit adapter UP02)
Parking time-lapse mode
Yes (Requires use of Hardwire Kit adapter UP02)
Additional functions
Recording in 60FPS, Control from app, Time-lapse recording, Autostart function, Loop recording, File overwrite protection, Motion sensor (G-Sensor), HDR, Dual-channel recording (when the 70mai RC11 rear camera is connected)
Temperature range
Manufacturer Code
Voice control
Compatible accessories
70mai Hardwire Kit UP02, 70mai RC11
Operation via app
Possibility of connecting a rear camera
Package content
  • 70mai Dash Cam A200
  • Power cable
  • Car charger
  • Electrostatic sticker
  • Mounting bracket
  • Seal deflector
  • User manual
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